Monday, September 1, 2008

Why eat unpasteurized honey?

I thought this article might interest some of my readers ;)

As you can see by reading this and many other articles online, it is actually far more beneficial to eat UNpasteurized honey!! Pasteurized honey has had all the goodness cooked out of it and is literally JUST sugar!

Raw honey is already cooked for you - by the bees - to the perfect temperature - they fan it themselves until it's just right and only when it IS just right do they cap it and seal it!!!!

This is why unpasteurized honey is more expensive and sold in health stores and direct from beekeepers mostly.

I guess it's like most foods - the more natural, the better - and the more you heat them and the more you 'process' them, the more you remove the goodness, nutrients and health benefits from them.

Enjoy honey - naturally!!




Corinne said...

Hi, I was reading thru your blog and saw the plastic bee feeder you are using. I am a new beekeeper in Virginia, USA, and would like to know where you got it. Could you please let me know. Thanks.

Sharla said...

It has been suggested to us that we get our daughter who has many environmental allergies that really affect her asthma to eat local honey every year because this will help her to develop a natural immunity to the local pollens. This will be the first year we will be trying it (my nephew is a beekeeper on the side) so I am very hopeful! His honey is ready quite late this year so unfortunately, we won't be getting the maximum benefits but we will still be giving it a try!

What a great learning experience for your kids!!!