Friday, November 28, 2008

So far so good...

So far the bees are doing good in the cool darkness of the blacked out garage...ventilation is good and the window has been blacked out in there. We rarely go in there apart from to let the dogs out in the morning and in at night, so they are relatively undisturbed. All signs are good :)


Amie said...

Nope, not Dallas. Think 'Fiddle dee dee!' (does that help?)

Yeah, Denny is back on Grey's, and it's been good and I LOVED his character, but I can't figure out where they're goign with it. I've been catching up on past episodes on line. Check it out.

There's a great new character named Hunt that I LOVE!! =)

HerMamma said...

Jane, I'm glad to hear the bees are still doing well. I still have these darn Bee Slides from my grandfather on my desk, can I mail them to you?

(HerMamma - skye has my email address if you want to email me)