Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Freya has a Queen!

We did an Inspection on Freya, the swarm hive, and she is doing great! Plenty of eggs, larvae and capped brood, so obviously a laying Queen who is doing great! They are drawing comb beautifully and will soon need a new Super added. They are getting through a full jug of syrup every day!! But the comb is also full of pollen so I know they are bringing in plenty of nectar too....I would stop feeding but local beeks advice is to feed feed feed the swarm.....so I think I will take the advice I am given by the local beeks - especially with the shorts season and given that we are soooo behind! It's July and we are still only on the brood box on all our hives! In the Southern States they have endless Supers on and many have extracted honey already.

Anyway - I am very happy with our progress - three happy Queens in three happy hives now - plenty of brood - and we saw baby bees hatching in Flora today which was pretty amazing :) Canada Day babies :)


chris.britbiz said...

So pleased to hear that things are going well. I don't know anything much about beekeeping, but maybe you are just a natural for it!
From Chris (Limeyscrapper)

7jays said...

wow, that is amazing! how much bigger is Freya than the rest?

did you take pictures of your babies?

Jane said...

My camera battery needed to be charged and by the time I went back and opened up my hive again to take pictures, the babies had hatched....

Tonight (Wednesday) I opened up Fauna to show Lauries friends a frame of capped brood and was amazed to find that almost a whole frame of capped brood had hatched!!! the capped brood was empty! So I have a LOT of new baby bees now! I guess now the Queen just lays new eggs in those cells again....They are all dark brown and empty now....very interesting to see.

I read an article the other day about what bees do depending on how old they are - I should post that - it's interesting!

Freya is a MUCH bigger colony than my package bee colonies. I'd say my package bees are about 7,000 bees each, whereas the swarm is about 20,000 bees on it's own!