Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick update!

Lloyd and I sat down by Flora and Fauna last night and watched the bees come and go. Not one bee used the upper entrance to go back in - not one!!!!! So we figure this is a sure sign that they are ALL using the bottom entrance where the guard bees are and this MUST mean that they are ALL blended. Surely??????? We sneaked a look inside and the bees are busy ding what they do. Just going about their business. And they are going in and out, some with pollen on them.

There are no newspaper bits on the outside of the hive which we expected to see - we thought we would see signs of housekeeping as thye eat their way through the paper while they blend.

The first day bees were using the upper entrance to in and out of Flora. Now they are only using the bottom entrance. We will give it two more days and then we will close up the upper entrance all together and assume the hive has completely blended.

Success? WE figure this is success :)

WE are so enjoying beekeeping :) Lloyd took my hand as we left the hives and said that he can't wait to get more hives next year :)

From someone who wasn't too keen on getting me these hives this year, I count this as a HUGE success :)


Danica said...

Glad to hear things are going well on the bee front. Can't access your escaping blog anymore.


Jacquie said...

Jane, I'm having the same problem as danica....can't access your escaping blog any longer. Is there a way to correct that? I really miss hearing about all your adventures.

The bees are thriving under your care, that's for certain.

Jacquie (UK) x

Takenzie said...

i can't access your escaping blog either anymore :(

Jane said...

I've made my other blog private for while. HTH.