Monday, August 11, 2008


It's lovely to see you here at Bee Tales and I'm happy to hear my bee blog has helped raise an interest in bees with you and your family! And perhaps even helped with your fear of bees in a little way!

If you'd like to come and visit my bees ever then you'd be very welcome - they're down by the pond!! I have hats and veils and gloves so you'd be very safe! And you can stick your finger in a frame if you're feeling up to it and taste honey straight from the hive!!!

Did you see the free poster of bees of Canada that you can send off for? There is a post about it a little lower down if you keep scrolling down. If you are ever near Langley in BC there is also a WONDERFUL Honey Bee Centre that is well worth visiting!!! And in Stony Plain the Beemaid store has great colouring books and childrens books etc as well as just interesting things to see if you are ever in the area as well as all the equipment that is interesting to see. The Magic School Bus book 'Into The Beehive' is worth getting out of the library if you want a good childrens book about honey bees too!

Thanks so much for leaving your comments - I hope you keep reading - I have really enjoyed bee keeping this year and can't wait to have more hives next year! The highlight this year was definitely catching a swarm right outside of my front door!

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Daisy said...

Jane! Finally made it back to your bee blog. :) I've been having some serious computer problems the past week and a half.

I would LOVE to come sometime. It'd be a great outing and I'm sure the kids would love it. Let my school year start and figure out when would work! A Friday or a Monday would work best for us, but another day would work, too.

I will send away for that poster--and not tell ds. It'll be a nice surprise. I'm sure he'll love it. He keeps his eyes open for bees now and observes them when he can. :)