Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Opening up the hives

Trying to get the smoker to light:

Vals Dad looking extremely bemused by things - he was probably thinking he was at a mad house ;) bees flying around, my three year old eating honey from a plate covered in bees and a mother not really paying any attention ;) Just a normal day at my house (lol) Thank goodness Val is used to us!!! Actually Cliff was probably mumbling 'Crazy British Bee Lady' hahahaha!:

Checking out the pattern of capped brood on a frame - and the capped honey in the top corner. This is from the lower box of Flora/ Fauna:

A frame of honey from Freya on a foundationless wooden frame - makes beautiful comb honey - some of which we got to eat today - but not from this beautiful frame!!!:

Sam using the hive tool to try and get a frame out of the Super (which he didn't manage to do but it was fun watching him try - Val and Cliff enjoyed watching him try anyway and I think they liked seeing that he is confident around the bees and not scared of them at all. At one point he got a bee down his shirt but wasn't too bothered - he just got it out and then carried on doing what he was doing! He sometimes wears the hat and veil but finds he gets more scared as the bees then get trapped inside the veil which scares him more. So far we have found it better to just let him get on with it and just never let him be there alone:


Danica said...

Wow everything is looking great Jane, including you. It looks as though you have totally chopped your hair off and continued to lose weight. Continued success with your bees and I wish you a great year in 2009.

Jane said...

Thanks Danica :) Yes I've lost over 40lbs now :) And had my hair chopped off a few weeks back! So much easier to live with :) Thanks for dropping by!!!!

Cliff ( Val.s dad ) said...

Hi Jane: I want to thank you for the tour of your apiary and the very interesting demonstration of the hives and the honey making process. Having followed your blog from the start, I was very pleased to finally meet you and your children and to witness the honey bees at work..
Thank you so much