Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where I buy my bee supplies

Corinne from Virginia was asking where my plastic feeders were from, and so I thought I'd post a link to where I get most of my supplies from so far.

The large plastic feeders are from Beemaid, in Spruce Grove, Alberta. They are not on the web page, but I am sure they would be able to help you if you phoned or emailed them. They are VERY light so would not cost much to mail I would think despite their size, however I am sure you could find them at many of the US bee suppliers online.

I have no idea how Beemaid compares price-wise with other bee suppliers across Canada or the US - we use them because they are close to us - less than an hours drive away, so extremely convenient when we need something TODAY!!! ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog Corinne - I hope that was of help!!!!


Christie said...


Do you only have the one blog anymore?

Looks like tons of fun having bees!

Kimber said...

Hi Corinne, long time no talk, I just noticed the comment you left and thought that I should do the decent thing and reply. I still think you are so very, very brave to have beehives as a hobby. Then again, why lay it safe and boring with life, it is for living afterall, may as well live it up! Glad you and the bees and new hives are doing well! Take care and I hope to come and visit more often. :)

Danica said...

How are the bees Jane?? I have some questions for you as my husband is interesting in getting a hive next spring.

Jane said...

Ask away Danica!

I still have all my blogs Christie!

Hi Kim :) How are you - I still miss SH so much - don't you???? You should join some of us over at Facebook - a few of us still make ATC's and scrapbook etc on Facebook now!