Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bee thoughts......

Danica asked me if I liked Bee movie.

I do like Bee Movie. Sam LOVES the movie! He's watched it a few times in the last week :)

It's a VERY inaccurate movie though - where bees are concerned! It's actually a movie about a transsexual bee with a disability! For a start male bees don't have stingers or pollen pockets ;) So Barry has actually had a sex change operation ;) He is also missing two legs - and that never gets mentioned does it?

Also male bees don't work in the hive - they don't make the honey and they don't collect the pollen and nectar - thats all down to the women (how typical is that?) Basically the bee colony is all about a Queen bee who acts like a single Mom to thousands of female worker bees - they do everything - they all take turns to pamper the Queen, feed her the royal jelly, make the honey to feed everyone, keep the hive clean, go out and collect the pollen and nectar , cap the cells, building the combs, feed the larvae etc etc (a womans work is never done sigh - although they do take regular rests)

Male bees are the drones and their job is to go out and have sex with virgin queens. They are mainly born in Spring and summer.

So as cute a movie as Bee Movie is, and as important as it is that we all know about bees and how vital they are to the environment and to life itself....I think it's a shame that they changed quite so many important facts about bees (and insects in general - I mean isn't one basic fact about insects that ALL kids need to know - that they have 6 legs????????

I don't know......I guess to me its just that part of the story is about Adams stinger falling off and being replaced by a sandwich plastic sword....but really he shouldn't have even had a stinger!!!

Ok my 15 year old is now telling me I take things too literally......and he wants to work in the movies so I guess he knows best ;)

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