Monday, April 14, 2008

Great news!

I'm signing up for a weekend long workshop on beekeeping at the end of May...and the guy I'm chatting with about this...well, he tells me that even if I can't get my bees from Beemaid this year, well local beekeepers sell packages of bees through May and June every year via Alberta Bee News magazine (the newsletter of the Alberta Beekeepers).

So this means that even if I can't get my package on May 10th, I can get bees this year :)

So no worries about my bees :) No rush - I can go get my bee hive and equipment on Friday afternoon with Lloyd....set it up and paint it (weather permitting) this weekend and just get some bees when some are available and the weather is ideal!

All is good in my little bee world :)

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