Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learn to love your dandelions!!!!!!

This little video talks about how important it is to NOT use insecticides - and to learn to relax about having a few dandelions and clover in your lawn....a few insect bits in your roses...and how councils should grow flowers at the side of our roads.....and relax in our roadside habitats....

The more I learn about the plight of the bees the more I am so glad that we are returning much of our land back to its natural habitat...and that our gardening is organic.......that we aren't treating our lawn or vegetable garden with any insecticides or any unnatural products to help the plants grow.

I can't say what my bees will come into contact with anywhere else they fly to, but I can be sure of what they will come into contact with on MY land.

In early Summer my lawns are COVERED in dandelions and then clover....I am also growing bee friendly flowers from that will flower annually from early Summer until late Fall.....they will also have sugar syrup and then pollen patties in Fall and early Spring. And hopefully their own supply of honey to feed on through Winter.

But please.....don't worry over manicured lawns - let the honeybees thrive instead :)

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