Thursday, May 1, 2008

I wrote to Ed today!!!

I wrote to Premier today!!! I wrote via his website and I have no idea who reads his emails or who bothers to reply or if they even's not a very well put together letter - not very well thought out lol as I'm tired and wasn't even thinking about writing one - just that the thought hit me and I went for it hahahahaha but here is what I wrote:

The Provincial Government is constantly being criticised for environmental issues in the news.

There is a simple step that the government could take that could make a big difference to the environment.

The honeybees are dying out globally. This is going to have devastating effects on our foods and crops - on Alberta agriculture - on world agriculture. On food prices. On life.

Alberta has more beekeepers than any other province - we make more honey than any other province.

One simple way the provincial government could help in a simple yet HUGE scale is to let the road sides and highway central medians return to a more natural habitat - let the grass grow longer - let the dandelions and clover grow longer - stop using insecticides. Encourage Albertans to let their lawns be less than perfect, grow more wild flowers, appreciate dandelions, let bees thrive, encourage urban beekeeping, encourage schools to have hives,

Letting our road sides become more natural would allow them to be more beautiful, would lower costs AND would encourage the bees - AND would show that the government DOES care about something as SMALL as the honey bee but something as BIG as the fact that these tiny creatures could die out as soon as in the next decade and that if that happens ALL our lives are going to be effected on a GRAND scale.

This amazing province of ours is based on Agriculture and farming - even our cattle need to eat the crops - without the bees to pollinate the Alfalfa and hay what will happen to the cattle? Without the bees to pollinate the pumpkins, Halloween just won't be the same without those Jack'o'lanterns. Without those fruits ice cream just won't taste the same now will it?

They say every third bite of food we taste is pollinated by bees.

Perhaps this simple, small change could be the next BIG thing that Alberta could take a stand against.

Thank you for listening.

Here is one of MANY videos you might take time to listen to over at Youtube on this very subject:


Jennifer said...

That is fantastic! I really hope that he reads it....he is/was a farmer!!!!

Cori said...

I think the letter is great - hopefully he or one of his handlers replies!