Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Hive!

Click on the pictures to see them bigger!
I have been painting my hives and getting them ready for next week. I am only decorating the brood box which is basically the bottom box - although the bottom two will both basically be brood boxes that the Queen will roam around in laying brood in.....but I am only decorating the bottom ones this much and the rest will only be decorated white with just the bees on - so it will look like flower gardens with lots of bees flying around. But this is hive 1 and hive two will have a different flower garden :)

There is no point decorating the top supers (boxes) because they will be interchanged so much that the design would get messed up but the bottom brood boxes will pretty much stay the same.

It is complete except that I have to varnish on top of the stickers in the morning :)

I'm pleased with how they turned out :)

Once they are varnished and dry I will take them down to their proper place by the pond and that is where they will sit ready for my bees to arrive next week :) OMG this time next week they will be here - woohoo!


~Kennie~ said...

Jane, the hives are gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job! Your bees will love their new digs!

Jennifer said...

Where did you get those fabulous stickers??? Good Job BTW!