Sunday, May 4, 2008

In position!

Bees need to be close to water - they need water to make their honey, and if you don't provide them with water they will often find it in your neighbours pool or bird bath - and your neighbours often aren't happy about that ;) - bees often seem to prefer smelly water (chlorine counts but pond water does also) so they should be happy beside our pond. They also like shelter from the wind - so they should be very happy where I have place the hive as down there they will be sheltered from all the strong winds that come through here.

The sun is down there all day long too so they should be busy bees out flying all day long!

The hive is only one box high right now because thats the brood box. Six to 8 weeks after the bees arrive, I will add a second box (called a super). Then it will start to look more like the beehives most people recognise!

Don't forget to click on the pictures to see them bigger!


7jays said...

just out of curiosity, why is it up on blocks? Is it to keep it dry inside when its wet weather??

Jane said...

A few reasons really - mainly moisture - not just in wet weather but moisture generally. Hives are made of wood and the bottom board will take in moisture. You want them to last so you raise them up off the ground - you also want the bees to stay cool so you want adequate ventilation in hot weather.

A Super full of honey also can weigh 90lbs so you don't want to have to bend too much so it helps with that!

Also if a skunk has to stretch a little to reach up to get at the bees then they can get at the skunks belly and sting the skunks sensitive belly!

It also means you can treat ants and mice at ground level without harming bees and honey.

You can also get the tractor teeth underneath the belly of the hive in the late Fall to lift it and take it up to the workshop to store it for Winter!


Thanks for asking :)

7jays said...

wow, there is more to it than just putting out a hive!!

I sure hope that no skunks come looking for honey. I am sure they would be spraying if they got stung on the stomach!! Ewwwww stinky!

Cori said...

So cool!! It sounds like a perfect place for bees!