Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me and my girls :)

Here I am with ALL my girls :)

The human kind AND the bee kind :)

And yes, as you can probably tell, I WAS able to get an extra package. We got half way home from Spruce Grove and got the phone call to say that they had had a cancellation and they had a spare package for us. Needless to say, we quickly turned the car around and raced back to Spruce Grove to pick up our second set of bees :)

So here we I am with my bees in their tubes! Now they are in the cool of the garage waiting until this evening to be housed into the new homes in the hives which are ready for them down by the pond. Everything is ready. I go in every now and then to give them a spray down with sugar water. The weather is perfect. Their syrup is in the feeders ready and I've added some fumagillin to treat them for nosema. I've painted on some extra melted beeswax to the pierco foundation. I've also sprayed sugar water onto the foundation too. I hope they take to it. I hope the queens are ok.

There is still no blossom out over here and no pollen anywhere so as well as the sugar syrup I am feeding them, I bought two pollen patties to feed them. I bought the extra hive too but had plenty of supers and frames so only bought a few extras.

Susannahs friend dropped her home from a sleepover today and it turned out that her dad worked in a honey farm fixing equipment for a few years and picked up quite a bit of information there so it was really interesting talking with him this morning and he was quite interested to see the pierco plastic frames and see the packaging tubes my bees came in.....quite different to what he experienced!

Well, my bees are here :) Safe and well :) it's exciting to watch them feed through the tube when I spray them. I can't wait to hive them tonight and watch them take their orientation flights. then I have to be patient and leave them be for a few days until I check on the Queen on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can I bee that patient?

I will blog later when I put them in the hive!


7jays said...

That is so exciting! I am happy that you got two tubes.

Congrats Bee Mommy!

Danica said...

Very exciting Jane. I thought the day was Friday and I was checking your blog yesterday.

Glad to hear things are running smoothly and I can wait to see them transferred over.

Cori said...

How cool, I wouldn't have guessed they would come in tubes, either. Like a big poster :)