Monday, May 12, 2008


These pictures show the bees in Flora (hive 1) doing their housekeeping. They have been sweeping their all the bits onto their 'porch' from inside the hive - including dead bees and dying bees....that they then slowly push off the porch onto the grass the in front of the hive.

It's fascinating (and kind of gross and funny at the same time) to watch!


Anonymous said...

Your hive is gorgeous! We always had plain grey boxes, this is so much nicer.

So glad to see that you got your bees, and two packages at that! Congratulations, looks like you're all enjoying them. They are fascinating to watch.

I'm a little jealous ;) but very happy for you.

7jays said...

okay, keep meaning to ask. Why the small cardboard box at the entrance?

Jane said...

Val - the boxes are covering the sugar syrup feeders right now because the syrup has the bees medicine in it - it's called fumagillin and is to treat nosema - a bee infection. You mix it into their syrup but it can't be in direct sunlight, so I covered their feeders with the boxes.

The syrup is almost all gone though as they drink it FAST - so in a couple of days I will refill the feeders and then the boxes can be removed and they won't need them :)

Hope that explains. The boxes don't look good but they are for a good reason as they are keeping my bees healthy :)

Jane said...

Hi Carla!! Thanks for dropping by! I still think you should get into urban beekeeping :) I wasn't expecting a second hive so didn't have a second brood box painted up in time - I really should get organized and paint up another one!

Charlynn said...

That is really cool! I had no idea that they were that tidy. It explains a lot though.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your bees Jane! It is wonderful to learn so much about these little creatures that I'm sure most people take for granted! Great experience for your kids! WOW! Thanks! :)