Saturday, May 10, 2008

Need practice!

It isn't easy to get lids back onto the hive without hurting the bees!!! They move so fast and they are everywhere!!! Hopefully in future they won't be quite so active as they were tonight! But I don't want to hurt them and I was moving slowly and gently but I still managed to hurt a few (as you can see in this picture!) the problem (apart from killing and maiming my poor little bees) with hurting them is that it sets off the pheromones that makes the rest of the colony angry and makes them more likely to attack and sting you.

The gooey stuff is actually a pollen patty and is used to feed the bees until pollen plants are available in the area naturally to the bees. Once the inner hive cover was in place I moved the pollen patty over towards the hole in the centre of the hive cover so the bees could find it and feed on it.

Still, in the picture if you click on it you can enjoy the delights of seeing me surrounded by my wonderful bees as I worked on hive number one.


7jays said...

OMG!! You are one brave lady!!
(kay says so too) I told Jess that your bees were coming today and she thinks you are the coolest lady! (I am waivering between brave, cool or crazy!)

I can't wait to see the video!

Jane said...

Are you coming over to meet them???? Am I gonna get you down to the hive??? In a hat and veil???? gloves????

Cfmommy said...

EEEEKKKKK!!! I have shivers from looking at that pic! I am so so so scared of bees!!!

Charlynn said...

Wow! That is amazing! Were you stung much??? This is such a fascinating journey to watch-I can't wait to see the video.

Andrea said...

OH my gosh that is the coolest photo of all the bees in flight around you! Mama Jane is going to be an amazing bee keeper!

It looks awesome Jane!

Jane said...

Charlynn - not ONE sting :)

Chris got one sting but he blames himself for flapping about and running and the fact that the poor bee got stuck behnd his glasses and felt trapped! When he came back out to finish filming he was a little more prepared and had learned to stay calm! He didn't stay calm! No one else got stung and Sam refused to wear his veil ;)

Cori said...

That is so awesome, how neat :)

We saw a little bee while planting some seeds in our flower box yesterday; I didn't even flinch, and talked to my girls about how much we need them for the flowers to grow. Baby steps from when we all would have run inside screaming ;)

Danica said...

Looks very cool. I would love to bring the girls for a fieldtrip.