Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A gift for the bees......

This afternoon we went out for a walk and the children picked some dandelions. They know the bees love them, so they decided to go and give some of them to the bees. We were heading down to the bees to check on them anyway, so they put a couple of dandelions on the landing platforms for the bees. I'm not sure this is actually a good idea lol but I'm not going to stop the children being actively involved with the bees and I can brush them off later when I go down there and just tell them that the bees did it (if the bees themselves don't do it anyway lol) or the wind!

The children were so happy to be giving them to the bees that I didn't want to spoil their fun!

We sat and watched the bees come and go for a while and it was only a couple of seconds before the guard bees came out to investigate the dandelions. There were two dead bees on the 'porch' already and some bits of wax so the bees had been doing some housekeeping this morning anyway. And now there were these flowers in their way lol! But it wasn't long before some bees were on the flowers enjoying the pollen before them :)

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7jays said...

That is so cute! Good for them! I was amazed at how relaxed they were around the bees.
LOL - but I do have to say that it was hilarious that naked Sam was quite happy to investigate the hives but when he got some clothes on, he was more timid and worried about them. Some things will hurt more when they are stung Naked, Sam!!!