Thursday, May 15, 2008

The feeder...

Yummy this sugar syrup tastes GOOD!!!!!

This is the feeder that the bees empty every day!

I think it holds something like 1.4 litres!!! As you can see, they LOVE it and are constantly drinking at it :)


Charlynn said...

Thanks for the info on the sugar syrup.

Are you planning on harvesting the honey? Is there special gear or anything that you need for that? I saw it on the Martha Stewart show once years ago, and from what I can remember it was a pretty simple process.

7jays said...

holy cow!! that is alot of syrup. Didnt' think those little things would drink that much! Amazing!

Me, my life and my family said...

What is in the syrup?

Btw did you get my invitation to my blog. I haven't been on the computer much lately.

Jane said...

I got the blog invite!!! I keep meaning to email you about it!!! I wanted to know if you want comments!! I'll email you!

The syrup is simple sugar syrup. white granulated sugar 1:1 water.

boil the water and the remove from the heat and dissolve the sugar. do NOT boil the sugar as caramelising the sugar can kill the bees.

Its very similar to humnmingbird syrup except its much stronger as its 1:4 for birds and 1:1 for bees.

The first batch for bees had medication in it but now its just syrup. In fact now (a week later) they don't even need the syrup as there is finally pollen in the area so they only need water from the pond beside the hives and they can fend for themselves now.