Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A message to Vals Dad

Last night I got to introduce my bees to some friends to the first time. Val and her family came over for a while and we showed them the hives. I have a few witnesses to prove that Val practically agreed there and than that she will come over and dress up in all the gear - veil, hat, gloves etc etc and join in with me while I do a hive inspection.

Yesterday I lifted up the lid and showed them inside the hive and Val hopefully was able to see that the bees are actually quite gentle and aren't swarming around all over the place. In fact I don't think we were bothered once by a bee the whole time Val was here last night. So hopefully Val likes bees a little bit more than she did before.

So Val is coming to do an inspection with me and I will take pictures or video it and blog it and so Vals Dad can see it on the blog :) Hello Vals Dad - I have no idea of your name so you are 'Vals Dad' :)

Val - you can't let your Dad down now - so you HAVE to do it :) If Friday night is postponed we could do it then and a little alcohol could be provided beforehand hahahahaha :)

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7jays said...

I did agree but I am going to need a bit of courage...liquid or other... to do it!!

Did you notice I took a step back each time someone was near the hive? Need a good head start on the escape!

James was completely fascinated by them. He was really thrilled to see them!