Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I caught a robber!

Val - I caught that Huge black and white bugger that was flying around my hives yesterday! Remember that massive waspy hornetty thing??? I was sat down by my hives for a while this evening watching them all come back for the night and that nasty thing was trying to rob syrup (not that they have any left) but I got it with my slipper! Ha!!!! I felt so good :) I saved my girls from that robber :)

The bees aren't going to get much flying in the next couple of days if its going to rain as much as they say it will....but we really need the rain and the benefits to the pollen and plants around here will be worth it so thats good.

I really love sitting down by the hives and watching them in the evenings - they are so calm and quiet at night......you just hear them flying passed you as they come home - like aeroplanes landing and then they just walk on in....

Lloyd told me tonight that he loves havng the bees here and that he's so glad we got them - that he thinks it was a really good idea of mine :)

See - I do have good ideas some times ;)

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