Sunday, April 27, 2008

Less than two weeks!

Less than two weeks now until my bees arrive! The countdown is on!!!

I swing between so much excitement that they will soon be here and this panic that I have NO CLUE what I am doing and I should cancel them all and take my hive back to the store ;)

What amI doing?

Am I mad?

Why am I doing this??????


But really I am just very excited. I keep second guessing myself but really I DO know what I'm doing. I DO know what I have to do the day we get them. I DO know how to install them. I DO know how to do the first check and what to look for - and really thats what matters - and I know who to turn to if things look wrong. So all is well and I have some great help if and when I need it.

So I'm sure it will be ok.....WON'T it?????????? ;)

two weeks!!!! TWO WEEKS!!!!!


Reading all about everyones packages arriving on the Beemasters forums and watching people install their new packages on youtube is getting me so excited to get my own :)

Soon it will be my turn :)

Watch this space :)

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