Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the bees today - settling in!

And here they are settling in! Here they are in their new home - Freya!!! Chris, my scrapbooking friend from Scrappers Haven chose the name for my new hive Freya is the Pagan Goddess of Love :) And like Chris says, I love my bees :)

So I now have Flora, Fauna and Freya :)

Sorry Sharon, I just couldn't pick Merryweather because I live in Alberta lol! there is NOTHING Merry about weather in Alberta (lol) ;) lol but forgive me and please throw in a few extra scones for me every time you bake some because they are soooooo yummy :)

This morning I took the bees out of their temporary home in the plastic box by lifting out the two frames and pacing those frames in the centre of a brood box and surrounding it by more frames. A bottom board was underneath and a cover on top. A little entrance at the front and they have a feeder with some syrup and a landing board. They seem quite happy and all the ones not on the frames were all seeming happy to go in in the new hive.....lots of bees were flying around and there were quite a few on the wall of the workshop...they'll settle down later today though and tonight will go on in the hive. Lloyd will add a waterproof roof to the hive and then we can move it out to te vegetable garden and its permanent place.

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Sharon said...

Hehehehe that's okay I was thinking the 3 fairies in sleeping beauty - I definately agree about Alberta weather!!
Freya is nice and goes with the F theme!