Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pictures from the Swarm....

Charlynn kindly sent me these pictures that she took yesterday while I was catching the honeybee swarm. I can't believe how lucky I was that the timing was so great for this swarm. Firstly that I was at home and that the swarm was right outside the front door! And then that I had friends here! That we had JUST inspected my hives so I knew they weren't my bees! Then that Chris was home from school to video the swarm. And then that friends were here to watch it happening - and THEN that Charlynn was here with her camera to take pictures!!!! I mean - how perfect was all of that??????

And I actually kind of look like I know what I'm doing ;)

Isn't a swarm of bees on a branch an amazing thing to see? And to think that this swarm came to rest right outside my house! What are the chances?

Lloyd and I were talking last night and we were wondering if they are attracted by the pheromones of our other bees....we were talking about the beekeepers on Beemasters who have had swarms in their yards or their neighbours yards and it does seem quite common - so perhaps it is the pheromones from our bees that attract them?

Anyone know?


chris.britbiz said...

How thrilling - I was getting excited just looking at the pictures, and you do look as if you know exactly what you are doing - just like a pro.
A suggestion for a name for the new hive, how about "Freya" ( means goddess of love) and you certainly love those bees. And it goes well with the other names.
From Chris (Limeyscrapper)

chris.britbiz said...

I loved the pics. Got excited just watching you - and Jane, you look just like a pro. A suggested name for the new hive - how anout "Freya" It means goddess of love, and you certainly love those bees, and it goes well with the other names.
from Chris ( limeyscrapper)