Thursday, June 19, 2008

Their first night!

This is how the swarm spent their first night! A thunder storm swept through early evening, so we carried them in to Lloyd workshop as the plastic tub would have blown away and we couldn't risk water getting in to them anyway! So we carried them inside and they were all settled in there and were fine....They had all gone into the box before we moved them anyway. I had already placed two frames in there and they had settled onto the frames quickly - I sprayed the frames with syrup so they attached to the frames quickly :)

Lloyd built me a bottom board and lid for one of my brood boxes, so that today I could get them into a hive. So 10pm last night we were out in the workshop cutting wood for that :) We have a Swallow that lives in our workshop and he was not too happy with us for using power tools in the workshop that late in the evening...he would fly in and sit on the light fitting and then fly out and fly around the workshop a few times and then fly in again and then out and do laps again and then repeat.....NOT happy!

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